Posted by: yoko | July 9, 2003

Balancing Act

Aw, hey. Nicky’s spreading the word about my journal on his. Thanks, Nick! Do check him out, too– he’s one of the good ones– lots of creative and thought-provoking stuff here. And especially check out his Notes section.

Went to aikido practice last night. I’ve been going for two years now. One of the things I really love about our dojo (and there are many things) is our mentor system. My mentor has been away for the summer, but we converse from time to time over e-mail. He’s good about checking in, making sure I’m doing all right, asking me if I have any concerns about practice and my progress. I’m now at a level where I can become a mentor to others, too, and have two “mentees.” I find being a mentor rather amazing, since in this role, I discover I know a lot about aikido that I didn’t think I knew until I actually explain things.

My two mentees are a joy. They both picked me, and they’re both very enthusiastic, good-natured souls. I can learn as much from them in temperament as they can learn from me in technique.

I need to balance the physical with the mental in my daily life. I’m thinking of doing yoga– check back with me on this.


  1. i thought akido was pretty physical? i really don’t know much about it…tell us more, please!

  2. Yes! I would like to learn more as well…

  3. wait, is yoga for mental or physical? I would have thought both activities would encourage mental and physical fitness. oh, the confusion!

  4. Actually, both aikido and yoga are both mentally and physically stimulating. I like that they balance both things.
    I guess what I had meant to say is that I need stuff to offset school and work, which are most definitely not physically challenging, and only barely mentally stimulating. ugh.

  5. I take some of that back. School is mentally challenging.

  6. do the wake up yoga…it is blissful

  7. yes, yes– wake up yoga! I’m going to try it soon….


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