Posted by: yoko | July 26, 2003

Two Quotes from Sensei

Kokikai Aikido Summer Camp was fun. I enjoy training with new people, and hanging out with the folks I know from the dojo.

Two quotes from Maruyama Sensei, that typify the Kokikai philosophy:

“The best feeling is no feeling.” -Meaning, you shouldn’t have to try hard to do a technique; it should feel effortless.

Ottototo.” This is a Japanese onomatopoeic expression that describes something just at the brink of toppling over. Sensei uses this expression to show at what point you perform a technique– right at the point where the attacker starts to lose balance. The technique is then used simply to guide the attacker to fall.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Indiana for the second time. I hope to post at least once while I’m there.


  1. sometimes my life at large feels ottototo. hope you’re having a ball in indeeeyana!

  2. oh, i am so very ottototo right now


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