Posted by: yoko | August 27, 2003

Flowing with

Work: Did my first on-demand cataloging today. It was mostly copy cataloging, via OCLC. I was corrected on some minor details concerning local conventions, and praised for having a good eye on spotting good copy and details of the items in hand. It’s nice to have direction and concise explanations, and to have gained the trust to make my own decisions. I’m still learning, taking in as much information as I can.

Aikido: Today was test day for several white belt students, including one of my mentees. Everyone did a good job on the test– lots of smooth technique. It’s good to see beginning students starting to feel the flow. In the last couple minutes, Sensei called on a few advanced students to do some freestyle. I was called, and for the most part, it felt good to be throwing– until I did a throw that I didn’t intend to do and then felt awkward. Inadvertently, I said, “sorry,” and someone yelled out “What are you apologizing for?” I burst out laughing, and laughed my way throughout the rest of my stint.

We had a party after class, and I had a great time hanging out with everyone. We’re a close-knit bunch, our dojo.

When I told someone about how things have been going in my life, I said that I felt good– connected, alert. That someone said, “The danger is thinking that it will always be like that.” Perhaps true, but after what seems like many months of working against the current, it’s nice to feel like I’m going with the flow for once.

p.s. Going to the Fringe Festival? Check this out.



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