Posted by: yoko | August 31, 2003

Absorbing, Deflecting, Blending

If there is nothing else to be carried over from lessons learned from yoga and aikido, it’s to know when to absorb energy, when to deflect it, and when to blend with it. Absorbing is what I do most often, which is good when it is positive, radiant energy, but bad when it is hurtful, consuming me and making me become sick. Deflecting I have learned to do when I can see a situation I’d rather avoid, given enough time. But blending– moving with a person I’ve engaged interaction with, rather than pushing away or losing my center– I need to continue to work on this.

Yesterday, I tried to blend with the crashing waves with a boogie board, but ended up getting caught in the undertow and ingesting seawater. heh.

Today, I absorbed the radiant vibrations in yoga class, I deflected sickness at home, and I blended by healing. It’s a start.


  1. i was wondering if you would blend with us at salsa lessons on wednesday night?

  2. yes. yoko. i will employ aNOTHER means to plead with you to haul yer ass east of fairmont.



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