Posted by: yoko | September 23, 2003

Words from Childhood 4

Today’s word: bisshori

This is my favorite kind of word, and should probably have its own subsection here. This word is an onomatopoeic expression, and there are a lot of colorful and very descriptive ones in Japanese. I particularly think the translations pale in comparison to these words.

Bisshori means “utterly drenched, soaking wet.” On a day like today here, where it is pouring rain, if I had walked to work without an umbrella, I’d be bisshori. The word, to me, sounds like a huge spray of water.

If I forgot my umbrella and walked home soaking wet from school, my mom wouldn’t greet me with a hello, she’d say, “Bisshori!” and then scuttle me off to the bathroom to take off my wet things and put me in a hot bath. Mm, not a bad idea now.



  1. how would you feel about renting your mom out periodically to certain blogfellows who might enjoy her company and vocabulary?

  2. ooh, my mom would blush. but hey, if we wanted to have a get-together so that you all could meet her, it could be arranged. :)


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