Posted by: yoko | October 16, 2003

Words From Childhood 7

Today’s word: jama!

According to Jeffrey’s dictionary, this word means “hindrance” or “intrusion.” My mom always used it as an exclamation, meaning, “you’re in the way!” I was particularly underfoot when she was cleaning the floor, or when I was in the kitchen watching her cook– a little bit too close to the stove. If I was particularly annoying, I got the old repeat-for-emphasis “jama jama!” I don’t remember if I ever got the 3-jama yell– I was probably forcibly sent out of the room before then.



  1. i’m going to start yelling this at random when people/cars/squirrels/small children run in front of my bike.

  2. i got the three-jama yell from mom in the kitchen all the time.


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