Posted by: balladofyoko | October 22, 2003

Feeling the Rhythm

Andantino, from 18 Terzetti by Anton Stadler. 1st clarinet part, 4/8 time:
ti-ti tikatika ti-ti ta ti-ti tikatika ta rest ti-ti tikatika ti-ti ta ti-ti tikatika ta rest.

Knitting K3 P3 ribbing. 4/4, Moderato:
yarn back knit knit knit. yarn forward, purl purl purl. back knit knit knit. forward purl purl purl.

Aikido, a ryote-mochi kokyunage technique as nage. 5/4, Flowing:
Wait-tenkan-arm circle around head-grab back of gi-stand with one point.

Yoga, Sun Salutation. 2/4, Adagio:
Stretch up, stretch down, flat back, stretch down, jump back, chattarunga, upward dog, downward dog. Hold. Plank, jump forward, stretch up, hands in prayer.

Don’t forget to breathe.



  1. repetition and pattern are so very comforting.

  2. ah sweet ritual…


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