Posted by: yoko | October 24, 2003

Words From Childhood 8

Today’s word: imo-nechan

This is one of the nicknames my dad gave to me when I was a kid. Imo means “potato” and nechan is the diminutive of o-nesan, meaning “older sister” or, in certain contexts, “girl.”

That I was called “Potato Girl” did not mean I looked like a potato. Potatoes were my favorite food, in all manner of preparations– boiled, mashed, french fried, baked, saladed, you name it. My mom used to make these little potato balls which I could eat several in one sitting.


  1. i knew not this culinary fact about yoko-san. perhaps there will needs be a scrabblepotatofest.

  2. i thought you were called potato people by dad, not potato girl.


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