Posted by: yoko | November 24, 2003


Dear friends,

Yesterday, there was a remembering ceremony for David. It was short yet poignant. The members of his family each stood in front and spoke of memories– his father spoke on the times the family would spend together every summer. His mother read aloud David’s black belt essay for aikido, in which he had said that aikido was the art of love. One of his sisters read excerpts from his journals in which he wrote about his desires and things he was grateful for. Then a few people who came to the service walked up to the front and spoke about their memories.

Many people from our aikido dojo had come, including Cecelia. In the receiving line for the family, we were introduced as a whole. When I introduced myself to David’s sister, she exclaimed, “oh! you and P were the ones David had said he was grateful for your friendship in his journal!”

Memorial contributions in his name are being accepted here— he had participated in the “Just Friends” program until his death.

Nick has written a touching entry about David– I didn’t know of his history before I met him over two years ago, but it didn’t matter. What endured throughout his life was his beautiful soul, and I’m glad to have known him, both on the mat and off.



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