Posted by: yoko | December 2, 2003

Words From Childhood 12

Today’s word: kechi

I always thought it meant “selfish,” but according to the dictionary, kechi means “stingy.” The only time I recall this word being used is in reference to food I wouldn’t share with anyone, like potatoes. Or maybe with toys I wouldn’t share with my sister. I guess I wasn’t good at sharing as a kid, because I heard that word a lot.

In other news, there’s a dusting of white on the rooftops of the houses here. I wouldn’t call it snow yet, though.



  1. I don’t speak Japanese, but I watch alot of animes and I’ve heard this word many times. And always in the same context as you remember it(at least, the times I picked it up), not wanting to share with others.
    And the english subtitle translation, was “stingy” as well :)


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