Posted by: yoko | December 3, 2003

New Dojo

Last night, P and I went to our first class in the new location for the Kokikai Aikido dojo. The place is now called the Defensive Arts Center (although in my mind, I can’t help but calling it the “Defense Against the Dark Arts Center”), which now houses training for aikido, Zhang-Sah martial arts, CDT, and tai ch’i. There’s a weight room, sauna, showers, locker rooms, and an outdoor pool. I haven’t seen the complex in its entirety yet, but from what I’ve seen, it’s a big step up from our one-room dojo in Center City.

It’s still a work in progress– things need to be organized, hung on the walls, the new canvas mat cover needs to be installed. But everything was in the right place for classes to be held.

I know it’ll take me a while to get used to the surroundings, but I felt quite centered last night. P looked energetic and happy. And Cecelia, the head instructor, was very warm and welcoming, and led the class through a fun and feisty practice.



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