Posted by: yoko | December 10, 2003

Words From Childhood 13

Today’s word: shitsukoi

This is one word for which I didn’t know the English equivalent, and had to look up. The dictionary defines shitsukoi as “insistent, obstinate.” My mom usually used this word to say that she was getting tired of me asking the same thing over and over again, and wanted me to stop asking. For example, me asking “why?” (or more often for me, “why not?”) repeatedly to an answer I didn’t understand, or more likely, didn’t like and wanted to change, would ultimately result in my mom saying “shitsukoi!” and she would refuse to discuss the matter further.



  1. i feel i am often shitsukoi whilst at work.

  2. also shit-kicker, which is pleasingly similar sounding

  3. I didn’t hear that one, but I ALWAYS heard “yancha” and “bachi ga ataru.” My mother was right, too!

  4. wow, Mariko– I don’t think my mom said those words to me!


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