Posted by: yoko | December 19, 2003

Beautiful Practice

It occurred to me the other day that my aikido practice has risen to a new level, without consciously realizing it. I’ve noticed that when I’m being corrected on my techniques, it’s on the fine details– the footwork, the angle of my hips, the movement of my arms in space. Amazing how the slightest alteration makes a big difference. I was complimented last night by Randy, the instructor, on how powerful my movements have become, and by a fellow student on how beautiful my movements are– he said that it was instructive to watch. Power and beauty.

I’m currently working on the techniques for the 2nd-kyu test, which involves knowing several techniques for certain types of attacks. I’m finding that the memory for these movements really and truly do not reside in the brain; they’re stored in my body as a whole. The names for those, however, are in my brain, and I sometimes see the slight delay that comes from thinking the name of the technique to actualizing it in performance.

In other news: no holiday blues for me this year– I’m having much merriment. And no, I haven’t seen ROTK yet, but I will, I will.


  1. ooo ooo, let’s go see it! worth a drive to the “good” theater in nj…


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