Posted by: yoko | December 21, 2003

Words From Childhood 14

Today’s word: urusai

Urusai is the companion word to shitsukoi, at least to my mind. While shitsukoi has the connotation of annoying repetition, urusai just means “loud and noisy.” When used as an exclamation by my parents, it meant “shut up!”

Another way to tell me the same thing was Shizuka ni shinasai! or “Be quiet!”

I don’t remember any specific situations in which I was told to be quiet, but I imagine it had a lot to do with banging things around, not necessarily from talking loudly.


  1. These are my favorite thing on your blogs. I don’t know why. Just so you know.


  2. oh I was thinking as a peruse through the site to look for more “Words from childhood.” maybe you can make that into a catergory? So people can just click into it and read them all at once? It just a suggestion. Hope you don’t mind.



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