Posted by: yoko | January 5, 2004

Words From Childhood- 2003 Index

Like a good information scientist, I’ve decided to put the words from last year on one post for easy access. You can also get to all the posts by clicking on the “Childhood Words” category, to the right. (Thanks for the idea, Yan!)

There’s a trend that’s emerging of words my parents used to scold me. I remember telling my folks when I was a kid that the only Japanese words I knew were the ones about bad behavior. Well, there are plenty more where those came from, so stay tuned.

1. Heso-magari: perverseness, contrary
2. Yoisho!: heave-ho!
3. Baikin: bacteria
4. Bisshori: soaking wet
5. Meshi-meshi!: dinner’s ready!
6. Arumihoiru: aluminum foil
7. Jama!: you’re in the way!
8. Imo-nechan: Potato Girl
9. Binboyusuri: unconsciously shaking one’s foot
10. Onigiri: rice ball. Ochazuke: flavored rice porridge. Oden: hot pot of fishy stuff.
11. Cornucopia: horn of plenty
12. Kechi: stingy
13. Shitsukoi: obstinate
14. Urusai: noisy



  1. Pleasure. I also think the Chinese words I know as a kid were ones that were bad. Maybe thats wh I like them so much.



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