Posted by: yoko | January 8, 2004

This and That

Good advice from Melba: tea and knitting. Sipped chamomile tea while working on hat #4 (hat #3 got mercilessly shredded in the washer)– currently knitting the top of the hat with double-pointed needles (dpns) rather than using circular needles as previously done, just to experiment with the mechanics of it.

(Question to you knitters: are there guidelines on when to use circulars vs. dpns?)

Staring at the registration form for Kokikai Winter Camp, where I’ll be testing for brown belt in March. yeesh.

Back to work.



  1. wow — you were closing up hats with circular needles?! that sounds rather difficult.

  2. yeah– it wasn’t until I saw pictures of hats in progress closed with dpns that I realized that it would be easier than circulars. I did the brim with circulars, so I guess I thought to just keep going with them. I suppose I didn’t clearly understand the pattern’s directions, either.

  3. yeah, how on earth were you doing it???
    basically, the reason for DPN’s is if
    you are doing something with too small
    of a circumference for the circulars–it’s
    too small for circulars if you’re having
    trouble making the points meet without
    stretching the yarn out!
    i’d say, if you are doing anything much
    smaller than the circumference of your
    head, use the DPN’s!


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