Posted by: yoko | January 16, 2004

Words From Childhood 2.2

Today’s word: bosabosa

Another one of those onomatopoeic words, this one refers to “unkempt, ruffled hair” according to the dictionary.

I hated brushing my hair when I was a kid, and tried to avoid it as much as I could. I had thick, straight black hair that had quite a gloss when properly cared for. Back then, though, I envied the girls who had naturally wavy hair, and somehow took it to mind that if I didn’t brush my hair, it would eventually become wavy like theirs. Obviously, that didn’t work, but my mom also wouldn’t let me go on too long with this experiment before she would come after me with a hairbrush and unsnarl my bosabosa hair.


  1. you were truly punk rock

  2. awesome link! i can just see my dad, perched on the edge of the sofa, needles clacking furiously, green yarn flying in all directions! what a hoot that would be!


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