Posted by: yoko | January 23, 2004

Words From Childhood 2.3

Today’s word: monku

Monku sounds a lot like “monkey,” but it has nothing to do with monkeys. The word means “to complain,” and I most often heard it in sentences like “Monku bakkari!” (All you do is complain!) and “Monku iwanai no!” (Don’t complain!). Man, I must’ve been a real pain in the neck as a kid. (hm, maybe I still am.)

But speaking of monkeys, in looking through the dictionary, I found this great proverb that I do remember someone telling me once: Saru mo ki kara ochiru. It translates literally as “even monkeys fall from trees,” meaning “everyone makes mistakes.” I like this saying.


  1. Aw thank you, yoko. I feel like i’ve been monku-ing about this imposter for ages. I finally gave up…I’d like to post pics in my new site, but I don’t seem to be able to figure out the ins and outs of movable type yet….soon!

  2. From trees? I should be so lucky. You Easterners have it easy. Out here on the West Coast, they fall from the open sky, sometimes by the thousands, shrieking all the way. Some days we can’t even go outside.

  3. which is the word for monkey?

  4. nicky: ooh! raining monkeys! that’s worse than frogs!

    melba: saru=monkey. mo=also, even. ki=tree. kara=from. ochiru=to fall.

  5. i got a tgs t-shirt for salmon for christmas. It is always exciting when someone new discovers them!

  6. i got tgs from dave. and trogdor (TROG-DOR!!!). and the weird alien “yup yup” character from sesame street.

    it was a tee-shirt kind of christmas.


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