Posted by: yoko | January 25, 2004


Double whammy today: I went to yoga and aikido. The yoga blissed me out (and worked my hips and pelvis real good); the aikido was a cardiovascular workout.

Our dojo offers special intensive classes, where three students sign up to work with the head instructor in a more personalized environment, letting the students decide what specifically to work on. I was with two brown belts who wanted to work on techniques for their upcoming tests. The pace was constant among the three of us– kept attacking, falling, getting up to attack again, over and over, then switching to being the thrower. Cecelia worked on refining our movements– working on timing, big, sweeping steps, bold, powerful throws without extraneous motion.

In both yoga and aikido, I was very aware of my breathing, particularly because when I was sick last week, I had such difficulty taking in air. As I went home, I kept thinking: I am alive, I am alive. It felt good to breathe.


  1. any realization of “i am alive” is an excellent moment.

  2. yoko i didn’t mean to say you are lame or make you feel lame on shasta’s comments! i was merely echoing your own comment. i’m sorry. man i should stay away from the internet, i keep upsetting people or thinking i’m gonna upset people. or maybe i should use smileys but i don’t like smileys.

  3. Oh, the breathing. It took me a while to get myself to breathe so deeply and consciously. I think of all the things i’ve learned in yoga that’s been the most with me in non-yoga times. That and the balancing on one foot. Comes in handy.


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