Posted by: yoko | February 20, 2004

Words From Childhood 2.5

Today’s phrase: Dasu no yo!

Dasu is the verb “to put out, take out,” so this phrase literally means “take it out!” I heard this phrase, not with taking out the trash, as you might expect (that would be gomi o sutenasai, or “throw the trash away”), but with encouraging me to cough out my phlegm. I was a sickly kid, so I heard that phrase a lot during the cold season. Even now, as I’m recovering from my sickness, I find I still hear my parents’ voices saying dasu no yo! every time I cough.



  1. I’m glad to hear that you are recovering!

  2. oh so THAT’s what i should have been yelling at thumbrings as he coughs up cold-induced phlegmballs…

  3. hmmm. “dasu” could also come in handy when attempting to thwart male predators.

  4. i am feeling better– thanks, peth!

    shasta, hmm, i’m afraid it would be more of a come-on to male predators.

  5. where does the artwork for the face in the upper-lefthand corner originate from?

  6. Hi, Dublin– the portrait is at


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