Posted by: yoko | February 25, 2004

Full Capacity

Feeling much better now– thanks to everyone who sent well wishes. I went back to yoga and aikido classes this week after a couple weeks hiatus, and can now inhale and exhale fully without constraint. Boy, that feels so good.

After practice last night, one of the guys said, “I’m so glad I went to class tonight. I was dragging along before coming, and was thinking that I might pass. But then I thought, ‘you know that if you go, you’ll end up feeling better and you’ll be glad you went.’ And you know, I do. Every time.”

I hear that a lot, from many in our dojo. That’s why I go, too.



  1. breathing is fun! glad you’re back to full capacity. and thanks muchly for the tips – i got the book to which you linked. it’s neat.

  2. Now if only I could remember this post from you everytime i feel a little to down to go to the gym….i’d be fit as a fiddle….because it’s hella true.


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