Posted by: yoko | April 23, 2004

Weekend Plans

Scrabble at Ashyknees’. I think I’ll make a salad. mmm, salad.
Then drive up to Ace and Faye’s to celebrate Faye’s arrival. I think I’ll bake a cake (“If I knew you were coming, I’d’ve baked a cake…”). mmm, cake.
Working on Sunday.

I did something funny to the right side of my neck at practice last week. It only hurts when I roll. I had to sit out at the end of two classes this week because it hurt so much– something I’ve never done before. One of my fellow aikidoka, who is a doctor, thinks it’s a muscle spasm of some type. Gonna get me some Tiger Balm, do some stretching exercises, and have Cecelia work me over on Monday. mmm, Tiger Balm.



  1. Davidtoc cakes and cookies…..Yummy!


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