Posted by: yoko | May 12, 2004

Internal Dialogue

[at the beginning of aikido class last night]
Hmm… it’s been a while since I’ve been asked to perform a freestyle in class.

[in the middle of class, while doing partner practice on kata tori sankyo]
Damn it, I have the wrong hand on top again. Okay, okay, I’m just distracted, that’s all. A lot of stuff on my mind. That’s okay– it’ll come. I’ll work on it. No worries.

[towards the end of class]
Cecelia: Yoko! Front and center!
Here we go. Three ukes for freestyle. Aw man, the guy in the middle looks awfully tired. When I get up, slide to the right and take the girl first, since she’s my height.

[at the end of the freestyle, about 5 minutes later]
Man, I’m winded. I have to start endurance training now, or I’m going to collapse come test time.

[at the end of class]
Cecelia: You did a great job. It looked like you knew exactly what you wanted to do– some good moves there. Watch when you throw [kata ryote mochi kokyunage] that you take a step back every time.
Me: Thanks. I will.

[after coming home]
Ohmygod, you know I don’t even remember hearing the cheers and encouragements during freestyle? I must’ve been really focused. And to think I felt so disconnected all day!

Going to aikido is always worth it. I think I’d go nuts otherwise.


  1. Kick ass!

  2. You can take on three people? Oh my god, that makes my knees get all weak. You rock, girl! Fly out here right now and wrestle Valkyrie into submission for me!

  3. so frickin’ cool.

  4. I’m very much looking forward to practicing with you someday.

  5. thanks for the props, guys!
    And Nicky– I hope to practice with you someday soon!

  6. just found your blog here, and it is great! you go girl…you are a fabulous aikidoka and will certainly rock the house when you test!
    i’m havin a party this saturday…
    will i see ya?


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