Posted by: yoko | June 6, 2004

Smarty Scrabble

whew– what a busy weekend.

On Saturday, our dojo, with Zhang-Sah, held the Budo Bash-o event. I was on the demo team where we performed our techniques in front of an audience, with Cecelia narrating. Lots of stuff going on all around– face painting, caricature drawing (hi Ken), games, food, balloons, lots of kids and their parents milling about, despite it being a dreary rainy day.

Later that night, I went to Scrabblefest, hosted by Pony Girl. We didn’t play Scrabble this time– instead, we ate excellent food and drank cucumber lemon juice and whiskey sours and mint juleps (props to bartenders Sage and Sweet Basil) and watched Smarty Jones lose the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown. Darn. The Philadelphia curse strikes again. While interested parties watched the E! True Hollywood Story on Johnny Depp afterwards, Snacks, Sweet Basil, PG’s husband and I went upstairs to the music room and talked about guitars and Samuel Barber. It was a great night with my friends, as always.

This afternoon, I had the first rehearsal with my sister and Frank the tenor, for our upcoming recital, tentatively scheduled for September. I think it’s going to be great– lots of lush music from Mahler, Vaughan Williams and Mozart, among other things. Sheesh– I gotta practice more. I’ll keep you up to date on recital news.

I’m tired– been going to bed late recently, and I’m knocked out by allergy medication. I think I’ll lay down for a bit of a snooze.

Later: um, I re-remembered how to make those origami party hats. How about I make some for everyone at the next event?


  1. Oh, I do not Scrabble, but you know I’d like a party hat.

  2. Good Times!


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