Posted by: yoko | June 10, 2004

Rather Mundane

I was nearly late to work this morning because of daydreaming. I was wide awake and fully dressed– I sat down to read another chapter of Castaneda before going out, as I’ve been doing every morning, but instead of reading, I got caught up in a whole flurry of thoughts and lost track of time. I had turned off the air conditioning, opened up the windows, and got caught up in the rapturous breezes that floated through, and I thought to myself mmm, that feels good. Next thing I know, I look at the clock– darn, time to go.

I went to IKEA yesterday and bought some CD stands and bookshelves. Since I was missing some tools to assemble the bookshelves, I unpacked the stands, which did not need assembly. For the first time in ages, I decided to alphabetize my CDs, if only to recall what I have. (geek!) My collection is all over the map– Charlie Parker is next to Pearl Jam, which is next to Pink Floyd, which is next to Pink Martini, for example. I did very little weeding– only 5 CDs are in a pile for donation to a used music store– mostly compilations that I had gotten for free some time ago. hmm. Need more music.

Going three times a week to aikido class now. Test time is fast approaching. The woman who checked me in to class asked me, “You’re going to keep coming this often after your test, right?” I plan on it. After a rather lousy freestyle on Tuesday, in which I was struggling too much and wasn’t blending or concentrating, I ended up with pulled muscles in my arms. gah. Between the end of that class, and the beginning of the next, Cecelia said to me, “Why aren’t you coming to the next class?” I told her I will be attending a class on the weekend. The pressure is on.


  1. You can do it! KICK ASS!

  2. It sounds like we have equally eclectic music tastes! I have Mariachi Vargas next to Nirvana!

    P.S. I could spend hours looking at the stuff at IKEA.

  3. i like this post

  4. Does your Aikido group do public presentations or class demos n stuff like that? I’d like to watch.

  5. Oh, my Ikea CD racks have been sitting on the floor, unmounted, for 3 years now. My CDs ARE all over the place. You are a better woman than I, Ms. Yoko.

    I often get lost in daydream in between putting on shoes. I’ll just sit there, one shoe on, one shoe in my hand, and think about organizing my CDs or something equally unlikely.

  6. Qui: yeah, I daydream with shoes, too.
    Ashy: you’re welcome to drop by and watch a class any time! There will be a presentation next Saturday in Fairmount Park– I’ll send a message around.

  7. Hey, Pink Martini is our local Portland band! How do you know them? My impression is that 90% of their fan base is around here, because they play here all the time.


  8. My friend Q hipped me to Pink Martini– I’m not sure how he heard of them, but he always has his finger on the music pulse and gives me great recommendations.

    I’ll have to listen to the CD again now. :) I imagine they’re lots of fun live.


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