Posted by: yoko | June 29, 2004

Back Into It

Another DIY project finished: put together a file cabinet. Next is to populate it with, er, files. The geeky librarian part of me gets excited by organization and organizational tools. hoo boy.

While I was hammering and fitting boards into place, I was listening to some of my Ben Vaughn CDs. Currently known for his soundtracks to That 70s Show and 3rd Rock From the Sun, I became a big fan of his well before his TV stints, when he was a local guy. I haven’t listened to his stuff in a long while, and I think his music still holds up. I bought some more of his CDs to fill in my collection, including Rambler ’65, where he recorded the entire album– you guessed it– in his car. so cool.

Another purchase, but a necessary evil– clarinet reeds. I say “necessary evil” since I obviously need them to play clarinet, but I wince every time I buy them because they’re expensive, and it’s always a crap shoot on their quality, being an organic product and all. Sometimes you get a good box of reeds, and blowing through one feels effortless; other times, it feels like blowing through a two-by-four. But playing on new reeds is almost always preferable to playing on worn-out ones, so I’m looking forward to getting fresh boxes. The music is still rough, but coming along.



  1. oh, i think peth might have been personally acquainted with ben vaughn. you’ll have to ask her…

  2. woah!yeah, i’ve met him a couple times, but I’m not really all that acquainted with him personally. He is dating a very very very old friend of mine, who I am completely out of touch with. They’ve been dating for a million years. I’m better friends with Mike Vogelmann, who played the sitar on one of the songs on Rambler ’65….his music is hella fun, and he’s really a nice guy. He used to visit Essene, where my Ex worked, and chat with her there allatime, but I guess he lives in Hollywood now.

  3. wow! There’s a great shot of the combo outside the Acme Accordion School on one of their albums, that I think is hella cool.

    I saw them playing live once, and they had asked for volunteers to play cowbell to one of their songs. In a fit of craziness, I ran to the stage and played. I think they were surprised that I could actually keep a beat.


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