Posted by: yoko | July 28, 2004

Reminders for the Weekend

1. Relax. Breathe.
2. Positive energy, positive attitude.
3. Focus. Fully commit to throws.
4. Use the hips.
5. Big sweeping movements.
6. Step back for big throws. Think ahead before stepping in.
7. Whenever possible, concentrate on one person at a time.
8. Watch for the preparation for an attack.
9. We’re all in this together. Be supportive.
10. Have fun.

I’m a little nervous, but I’m looking forward to camp. I’ll write more when I come back.



  1. Draw taller ukes down toward the level of your hips – execute techniques in YOUR comfort zone, not theirs.

    Have a great camp and a great test.

  2. hope you have a great, full, rich time!

  3. Go, Yoko! Win a mighty victory for the Short Girls’ Team!

  4. Oh, this seems to me the perfect way to spend a weekend. Does that make me weird?

  5. Nick: good advice– I’ll work on that.
    Prima: Hardly weird! I’d love to watch you in your element sometime.

    Thanks for the well wishes!


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