Posted by: yoko | August 8, 2004


Good stuff this weekend.

Friday night, I went with the ever-lovely Peth to the Ben Vaughn show at the Tin Angel. We had dinner beforehand and we were both savoring our meze and conversation so much that we nearly lost track of time and missed most of the opening act. Ben played mostly by himself on acoustic guitar, but there were plenty of songs with accompanying bass and accordion. He is a consummate musician and his songs full of subtleties that were unfortunately missed by some select rowdy members of the audience and those who were annoyed by them. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the show a lot and I really dug hanging out with Peth.

Early Saturday morning, I went to my first advanced aikido class. The pace was quick, and despite some grogginess, the energy was high. I got a kick out of watching the senior black belts explain the finer points of techniques and everyone experimenting with movements and their effectiveness on throws. Afterwards, several of us went out to breakfast together and it was like camp all over again where we enjoyed each other’s company, chatting and bantering. I went for a second class after that, then crashed once I got home.

Today was the first of runthroughs for my upcoming recital with my sister and Frank. Things are still very rough– we need a lot more ensemble work, and I need to do some more work on my own. Ashy had asked if I would write a little about working with musicians– I’ll try to get to that this week.

All good stuff. And yet there’s a sadness that has prevailed that makes me feel heavy. I hope it will soon pass.



  1. i think i saw you on weboggle today. you got 2nd place! i didn’t have such a good game.

  2. Why are you sad? Are you sad about Rick James?

  3. So swell to hang out with you this weekend! Thank you for getting me out of the house, and suggesting such a fine fine show, and fine dinner before! I love Ben all over again!

  4. Don’t be sad. I sent you more real mail for happiness making.

  5. hope you find some good cheer soon

  6. I am sad about Rick James.


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