Posted by: yoko | September 20, 2004

Ensemble (part two)

“It’s kind of like a garage band, except without the garage.”
~Kb, after I had described the concert arrangements

A collage of voices:

Is that your sister playing the piano? She plays that Chopin so well!

Crap– I’m having problems breathing. I’m shaking.

(offstage) I’m really sharp, aren’t I?
-Not so much.

Do you know [insert Irish folk song title here]?
-No sir– the only ones I know are the ones I sang this afternoon.

Gah– my mouth is so dry!

Your tone sounded wonderful, as always!

Nice. My notes sound rounded and warm in the beginning of the Blake songs.

[a sneeze is heard in the audience, just before the next piece]
Mik (from the piano): Bless you.

I loved the soft parts– it’s so difficult to play so quietly.

(offstage) [mimes stabbing oneself in the heart during the “Funeral March” movement]

Dad said we played well.
-That’s not what he said to me.
(He said I played well….)

I said “I’ll call you”– Did that sound callous? sheesh.

(offstage) Let’s skip the encore– I’m sure the audience will be exhausted after the 2-hour program and want to leave right away.

What was Chopin thinking when he wrote that last movement?

I’m so glad I came to see you. I loved your arrangement of “Salley Gardens.”

Oops– nearly lost the music turning that page!

(sotto voce) I forgot to put the lid down on the piano [for the Mahler songs].

(offstage) The concert is flowing nicely so far.

You three really work well together.

Ya think we can play showtunes for our next concert instead of all this heavy stuff?

Ace and Faye– thanks so much for coming!



  1. Great entry. [nice title ;)] Faye and I had a
    wonderful time; we were so glad we came! And
    just wait until you hear what happened on the way home…

  2. This series of fragments and comments reminds me so sweetly of a Gorey piece, a collection of drawings of young ballet dancers, practicing, commenting, admiring, complaining.I wish I could recall the title.

  3. Hey Peth – the Gorey piece is entitled The Lavender Leotard.

  4. so sorry to have missed your concert — transportation problems! Thanks for the vivid recap — I almost feel like I was there.

  5. Thank you, Nicky! Ah, I remember now- that was the gorey story that I used to attack with tracing paper. I’d trace the pictures and then color them in. I am so happy that it’s knitting season again, I have about 6 projects in mind!

  6. psst I would love to come. I’ll bring the hard cider!


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