Posted by: yoko | October 4, 2004


I had this crazy idea that if I went to aikido class, I could knock the coughs out of my system. So, on Saturday, I went to not one, but two classes, back to back. I worked up a good sweat by demonstrating a technique which required me to attack and roll backwards, attack and roll backwards, along the length of the mat. A fellow aikidoka pointed out a rolling problem that I’ve had since I first started and hadn’t corrected, and now I’m going to fix that. I also discovered that I could breathe a lot more easily after class. Unfortunately, the coughing returned sometime around breakfast.

That afternoon, I met up with Becky S at our neighborhood coffeeshop. I’ve been reading her blog fairly regularly, and when I discovered that we live in the same part of the city, I suggested we meet in person. We talked about everything from politics to music to baseball to the university we both attended and the people we both know. We also talked about the blogworld vs. the tangible world, which deserves its own post. I enjoyed talking with her and hope to meet up again sometime.

I had my own private dim sum party for dinner– I made shrimp balls, which took a lot of preparation to make (all the shelling and deveining!), but it was worth it. If you want me to make ’em for ya, let me know. Even better: I’ll exchange them for cream-filled coconut buns.

So now:
from yesterday, I have serious DOMS.
I’ve been wanting to bake some bread or muffins. Or both.
I’m contemplating doing an arrangement of the Bach Partita for Flute.
I want to knit hats.
I’m going to do something about this damned cough. I mean it this time.



  1. Oh yes! Please do knit a Cozy. We can have our own private knit-along. I always want to type that as ‘knit-aLOG’. drop that ‘n’. i guess one could knit a log.
    I need to find something to bake that requires (more or less) the use of one of those kitchenaid mixers.

  2. Hi Yoko! I enjoyed meeting you too. Yes, let’s meet again soon–tangible world rules!

  3. Hi Becky!

    Oh Pethie– KitchenAid mixers. sigh. You can make nearly anything bakeable with those mixers.

  4. I respect a woman who loves herself enough to throw a private dim sum party. Oh how your blog makes me hungry.

  5. I’d happily exchange cream filled coconut buns for balls of the shrimp variety, except the coconut balls would never make the journey to Philly.


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