Posted by: yoko | October 5, 2004

Words From Childhood 2.13

Today’s word: hokoridarake
(Note: the Kanji Dictionary I usually link to seems to be down. I’ll put the kanji link up when the dictionary is back online. 10/18/2004 Kanji links have been added.)

This is a compound word that I honestly did not know the English equivalent to until rather recently. Hokori means “dust,” and darake as a suffix means “full of,” so put together, it literally means “full of dust,” or simply “dusty.”

My mom used this word often in terms of things in the house that, obviously, hadn’t been dusted. In my mind, hokori-darake refers to something that is covered in dust to the point you can write your name in it. I used to imagine that the dust particles that danced in the air in a beam of sunlight were atoms.


  1. Oh man, I used to hear that term ALL THE TIME (and now I live it).

  2. How about full of cat hair?

  3. Good question, Snacks! I’ll have to find out.

  4. my name is Dustyn Rae as in “the dust in a ray of light” my mother named me this for “the beauty of the dust in the light at the end the day.” i am looking for the kanji charecter can you help me? if there is one. i loved reading your page!!!


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