Posted by: yoko | October 11, 2004

All Over the Map

There’s never a dull moment chez Yoko.

Saturday morning, I discovered that my car got broken into. A window was smashed, and someone stole change from my ashtray– couldn’t have been more than a dollar’s worth, and it wasn’t obvious that I keep change there. I shook my head in disgust, and drove, with a scowl and broken glass all over the back seat, to aikido class.

I had a great set of classes. I got recommendations from a couple of friends after class on where to get my window fixed, so I drove straight to a place off Passyunk Ave., and they replaced it while I waited.

I got home exhausted– I took a nap, knitted, then got myself gussied up for Shasta’s cocktail party. As Ashy says, we were rock stars. Lots of cool people were there, and I met some new people, too– like Pixietart, gottagetamonkey, and Bec. Pinky said, “Grilled cheese– Little Pete’s” around one in the morning, and with Mr. monkey, we headed off to the diner, where we got seats at the counter and couldn’t help gawking at the guy across from us who was obviously totally loaded, with hair like Michael Bolton’s and eating two full meals in the blink of an eye. I love people watching at Little Pete’s, especially in the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday morning, I got up and went to my first taiko drum practice. Practice started with stretching and calisthenics, then much work on correct stance, precise hitting technique and movements, and rhythm patterns. It’s going to be quite a learning process physically for me– I had a lot of trouble feeling the correct stance and producing a clear sound– but, as with anything worth learning, I know to be patient with myself. The other members of the troupe were impressed that I picked up on things quickly, but I know have a long way to go before I’m worthy enough to perform with the group. It was fun, though, and everyone was very friendly. I’ll write more about taiko as my practice continues. My arms are hella sore right now.

I took the day off today– I slept in (yummy), made strawberry-banana muffins (mmm), did a lot of reading.

Back to work tomorrow. Back to the library.



  1. Little Pete’s!

    (I’ve actually never eaten anything but breakfast there, no matter what time of day.)

  2. Ooo! Could I videotape the drumming?

  3. glad you could make it on Saturday — you looked ravishing!

  4. the drumming! sounds very exciting. who is this monkey person? did i meet them?

  5. Carol: yeah, the sandwich was a first for me too– I usually get eggs and hash browns. :)
    Ashy: oh yes!
    Shasta: Darling, you looked mahvelous y’self! Loved those gloves!
    Plummy: Mr. Monkey was Pinky’s date.

    Oh, and I should mention that if any is interested in trying the drumming out, let me know– the group is urgently looking for new recruits!

  6. holy cow, i am TOTALLY interested in the drumming! details? (and, oh, i feel silly for not know that mr. monkey man was THAT man. i had a lovely chat with him!)

  7. You make lots of yummy things. Even when you’re sick. I want to live with you.

    Drumming sounds very cool.


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