Posted by: yoko | October 13, 2004

Scrabble is the Oracle

Craziest: Scrabble is a Religion, courtesy of Nicky.

Goofy: In searching for pieces for my students, I came across one called Two Snacks for a Lonesome Clarinet. I have a feeling the title is better than the music, but I’m curious.

Tired: I think I will call it an early evening. Still trying to kick the germs out of my system.



  1. huh. i happen to be reading Word Freak right now, so it feels odd to get a different perspective. This video seems sort of flippant and removed from NSA games compared with the intimate view of the players in Word Freak — and the whole gun shooting her in the head thing at the end was a bit alarming. I’m frightened.

  2. Sweet Mother of GOD, that is the COOLEST thing I’ve ever seen. I wanna MAKE those!

    I wanna MAKE those!!

  3. Dammit, I’ve been derailed on leisure reading. Word Freak is on my short list!

    Ace: you want to make the Triple Triple, or you want to make cool movies? Flash?

  4. “Two snacks” sounds nice. I wish I had two snacks, like to coconut buns or something.

  5. See, I am so crazy for snacks I forgot the w!

  6. Cool movies of short fiction readings with Flash! Cool movies of my journal entries with
    Flash! That’d rock.

    And who *wouldn’t* want to make the Triple Triple?


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