Posted by: yoko | October 23, 2004


A short afterthought to my previous post:

A while ago, I was caught saying to someone by way of introduction, “I’m really not a musician…” to which someone else who knows me very well shot back, “You are a musician, Yoko!” It jolted me. Lately, I’ve actually gotten used to saying “I’m a librarian,” because, don’tcha know, it’s cool to be a librarian. But it’s always been cool to be a musician, too.

Seriously though, I don’t define my career identity (or any other part of my identity) on what’s cool. But does what I do to make a living define who I am? And must I necessarily be making money from what I’m passionate about? I don’t think so.

And today, to underscore the idea, someone said to me, “Yes, you are a musician– and I want you to use what to do to create your music in other parts of your life.” Of course. And it’s all one, really– music, aikido, cooking, knitting– it’s all about movement, about life, and love.



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