Posted by: yoko | November 8, 2004

Domestic Projects

Took the day off from work today. Bought yummy food, cleaned the apartment, cooked up some chili. Domestic stuff.


I got a digital piano from a colleague at work this weekend. After moving a bookcase and some boxes around, and with some fussing with the cables, I got it hooked up and ready to play. I spent a good two hours playing through some Bach chorales and a couple Preludes and Fugues from his Well Tempered Clavier– I am way rusty on the piano playing. It’ll be good for me to practice, though. I have to tweak the keyboard action– my left hand sounds way stronger than the right.

I finished the scarflet for the Pethlet, too.


I suppose if anyone would have to beat the Eagles, it would be the Steelers. Roethlisberger looked great. If only we didn’t look so pathetic.



  1. The Steelers are NOT that good. Will somebody listen to me please?

  2. Maybe someone should of told the birds that this year… and don’t forget about the pre season game as well…Go Steelers!

  3. Go Eagles! Go Yoko! I love my scarf already! It’s good to take the day off. You make me want to go over to my mom’s and lift the lid on the keys right now.


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