Posted by: yoko | December 13, 2004

Stinky Cheese, Breakfalls, and Foul-Mouthed Knitting

Whew. What a weekend.

Friday night was spent at Becky S’s infamous Beer and Cheese party. A fine assortment of beers, homebrewed, domestic, and imported; and of cheeses, some artisanal, from all over the globe. And delightful cookies, finger sandwiches, fruit, bread, and crackers at every turn. The artisanal Cabrale cheese will be talked about for a long time to come– it was described as some mold a shepherd scraped off a cave and decided to sell.

I met some fine folks at the party, including the homebrewer who is now trying his hand at hard cider, the ever-sparkling Sassy J (hi!), and Mr. Blankbaby, whom, despite his concerns, was very pleasant to talk with.

Saturday was breakfall day at the aikido dojo. Not unlike a controlled body slam, it’s something that I can’t do half-assed and feel good about. (ouch) So I practiced it for two classes, and asked the Tuesday night instructor if he would go over it in his class when I come. Masochistic? Maybe– but I feel like I need to learn how to do this properly if I want to progress in my studies.

When I got home, I baked my first batch of cookies. Yum.

I did the usual laundry and grocery shopping on Sunday, and then went to a lovely GGS where knitting was done sittin’ by the fire. No one’s grandma was set on fire, but instead a very relaxing time eating Mexican food and chatting with Peth, Shasta, and Sage. I’m on deadline to finish the Cozy (I want to finish it for Christmas for my mom– ssh, don’t tell her!), and even though I was aware that any little distractions cause me to make mistakes in the pattern, I brought it over and attempted to knit a row. As I ended the first row, I came up with two extra stitches– and a string of expletives. Needless to say, I put that project off to the side and took up knitting my very simple stashbuster hat instead, to the relief of all around me.

The mistakes aren’t glaringly noticeable, so I’ve resolved to keep knitting and not frog. I just found out that my family’s Christmas party will be on the day after Christmas, so I have one extra day to finish this Cozy.

And so, to end:
To Shasta: microwaved leftover cooked oatmeal, although not ideal, is an acceptable work breakfast. I had some this morning.
My dear eight-year old niece, when asked by my parents what she wanted for Christmas, said that she wanted a blender– so that she can make some of the recipes from the cookbook I gave her. Auntie influence strikes again. heh heh.



  1. Your Cozy looks marvelous! I wish I hadn’t missed the cussing. I mean, I wish you hadn’t had to cuss in the first place, but if there was gonna be cussing anyway, I wish I had been in on it. You know what i mean.
    One of my many many many new years resolutions is going to be to cook more. Thankfully, I have a blender!

  2. It was lovely meeting you in person as well, Yoko! You have such a rich variety of interests–all that good balancing in life (creativity, music, physical, and intellectual) is such a good thing! I love your banner at the top of your site–is that a watercolor you made–or is it digital?

  3. Sassy J, sometime I’ll have to hear more about your own creative pursuits!

    The banner is digital– it’s actually an altered photograph of my shower curtain. I was playing around with my faux Photoshop program and I liked the effect. I love the shades of blue.

    Thanks for the kind words!

  4. Yoko, thanks for the compliments–I’m blushing. It was great to see you on Friday, and I’m so glad you could make it! I might have another cheese fest, sans cabrales.

  5. Love that Cozy color! Rich glowy red and pretty stitches to boot- very cozy.


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