Posted by: yoko | December 31, 2004

Words From Childhood- 2004 Index

Your quick guide to the words I’ve posted this year.

2.1. gaman: patience, endurance
2.2. bosabosa: mussed-up hair
2.3. monku: complaint
2.4. tonde mo nai!: pshaw!
2.5. dasu no yo!: spit it out!
2.6. hidari giccho: left-hander
2.7. o-chatsumi uta: tea-picking song
2.8. paga-chan: crazy person
2.9. semi: cicada
2.10. Tamaya!: exclamation for fireworks viewing
2.11. onbu: piggyback
2.12. Walloping Window Blind: crazy song
2.13. hokori-darake: very dusty
2.14. isshoukenmei: with all one’s might
2.15. samechau: to become completely cold

Another year to follow with plenty of childhood words.



  1. Thanks for putting this quick reference guide together — the word series makes me very happy!


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