Posted by: yoko | January 13, 2005

Still Going…

“Cut! …. We’re moving on!”
~Ed Wood

New Year’s gig #2 on Saturday. I play the drums this time.
The question that’s on the city’s lips for Sunday: are the Eagles’ starters rested and ready to play their post-season game against the Vikings? Stay tuned.

In other news:
The knitting meme makes a march: Wombs on Washington. (link via Yarn-A-Go-Go)
Got a question about the pattern? FAQ is here. (There’s a link to my picture, too! Thanks, Mizuna!)

Oh, and I may have a finished Clapotis to show y’all, too.

Have a good weekend.



  1. ah! Clapotis!!! I have almost finished the increase rows. I took a break from it and went back to cozy. I have decided that cozy will be my at home project from now on, as it is too big to carry around. Until of course, i’m carrying it on my shoulders. When our clapotis are both done, we must go out wearing them and get some lattes and smoke lots of cigarettes while complaining about various things at some outdoor cafe. I may even wear a beret.

  2. I can’t wait to see your clapotis! And I couldn’t help but notice you’d been explicitly linked with regard to the knitted womb at wombs-on-washington.

  3. wombs on washington! amazing! yours came out lovely, by the by.

  4. GO Steelers!


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