Posted by: yoko | January 16, 2005

Turn Around

At my first taiko gig, I got the beat turned around. The base beat of one of the pieces centered around a swing beat: like the quarter note-eighth note triplet pattern, or 1 – a 2 – a 3 – a 4 – a (“dokko dokko dokko dokko” in taiko parlance). The right hand is accented so that it sounds like ONE-a TWO-a THREE-a FOUR-a (DO-kko DO-kko DO-kko DO-kko). When I got turned around, I ended up accenting the left hand so that it sounded like KOdo KOdo KOdo KOdo– a very subtle difference, but because the other shime player was playing the base beat correctly, the accents canceled each other out, and made it difficult for the other players and soloists to follow. Crap. Live and learn.

Oh yes– the Eagles win handily over the Vikings, 27-14. On to the Conference Championship. again. (oh please, oh please….)



  1. WoW! What a game!
    At least your team deserved to win…
    My team played like poo and still won….
    Good luck next week!

  2. I “watched” the game on the internet[’s play by play]. It was so much easier to follow with out all the talking.

    I have gotten to the straight (not really) part of clapotis. The purl sides are driving me batty. OH! And all that needs doing on Cozy is tucking in the ends! Whee!


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