Posted by: yoko | March 30, 2005


See the post from last June. This time, I twisted my ankle from tripping over myself in a large roll during warm-up in class– something I never do.

As I had said last year, this happens to me as a particular reminder to re-center and re-focus. I’m back on the ground now. ouch. Fortunately, it was a mild sprain, and I walked to work this morning without incident.

I haven’t been coming to aikido classes as much as I would like lately. Oddly enough, the conflicts in scheduling have to do with music– teaching lessons and practicing taiko. I’m starting to feel as if I’m not making much progress in my aikido training, which contributes to the unbalance. Luckily, by the end of next month, my schedule will considerably lighten up, and I’ll be back to training more regularly. And I have to– I have another big test coming up this summer.



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