Posted by: yoko | May 18, 2005

Road to Recovery

Yesterday evening, after voting, I took my first trip back to the dojo since my ankle injury. There is a small exercise room in the back of the building, and I spent half an hour doing stretching and balancing exercises, walking briskly on the treadmill, and using the stationary bike. It did feel good to be somewhat more active again.

I talked with several of my fellow aikidoka, who asked how I was doing and wishing me well. I very briefly looked in on a class, nearly at capacity, and watched people tumble, heard the resounding slaps on the mat.

At this stage, I realize that getting to full recovery to where I can practice aikido once again is more mental than physical. It’s more about being sure and confident in my movements. Once I’m able to jog without pain, I need to do conscious, deliberate practice on rolls– small ones backward and forward, large ones walking, hopping, and running into them. Relearn the footwork as if I’m starting anew.

I don’t want to rush into things, although I really miss being on the mat. My ankle feels stronger and more stable every day, though, so I am hopeful I’ll be back in the swing of things soon.


  1. do you think an ankle brace would help? i was never a fan of them when i had ankle injuries, but other people swear by them.

  2. I have an air cast, which is too stiff and bulky to use for aikido. I also have a neoprene brace, which, even though it is the smallest size available, is too big for me, and provides no support. I am going to try taping my ankle and seeing if that works during practice, as some of my colleagues have done with their ankle injuries.


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