Posted by: yoko | June 22, 2005

Shifting Weight

Continuing the saga of the ankles: I’m to see an orthopedic doctor next week. I was told to hold off from practicing aikido until I see the doctor. I will not be able to test during summer camp, but may perhaps test in the fall. I’m oddly mentally ready for testing this time around– my body needs to make the adjustments. In the meantime, my mentor is teaching me the basic footwork and meditation for Bagua zhang.

In other news: please visit my friend Matt‘s site. His first published book that he has illustrated is here— I’ll be purchasing a copy for my very own.

And say hello to someone whose journals I’ve read for quite some time but only recently began correspondence with: Suzyumi-san, aka Zann, aka Mrs. Bear. A fellow musician and Japanese speaker.

Hope the summer solstice is treating you well.



  1. Does this mean you are free Saturday?

  2. Testing this Fall? At Fall Camp? ‘Cause Kokikai’s Fall Camp is in San Francisco this year…

  3. Nick: I would love to go to San Francisco to test, but I think Cecelia was talking about testing at here, before Maruyama-sensei leaves for the West Coast. Maybe I could make the trip out, though…. I’ll have to see what develops.


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