Posted by: yoko | July 13, 2005

The Next Big Thing

Yesterday evening, I went over to the dojo to help a fellow aikidoist with his upcoming 2nd-kyu test that he will be taking this weekend at summer camp. I ended up also watching a class from the sidelines, and found myself itching to get back on the mat and practice again. I could barely keep myself sitting on the bench, my body twisting and turning, mimicking the movements of those practicing.

After class, I went around to the people who are testing at camp, and wished them well. They will be testing for brown belts, first-level black belts. I’ve seen them practice for several years, and I know they will do wonderfully.

I am undergoing physical therapy for my ankles right now. I’m doing strength/resistance exercises and balance and flexibility training. In addition, I am practicing circle walking— learning to shift my weight, heel to toe, the body in alignment, moving as a whole.

Trying to rebuild my confidence. I feel the tingling of fear in the soles of my feet. Concentrating on my center steadies me. I will return to practice soon, but I mustn’t rush into it.

Right now, I find I am restless without my weekly routine of aikido. I’m thinking of starting some endurance bicycle training. That’ll be the next big thing.

In other news: another trip to CT coming up, and eagerly awaiting the Half-Blood Prince. Oh, and possibly another big thing to come– stay tuned.


  1. Aw, that’s no fair–ending with a cliffhanger.

  2. is it new unda-wears? is that the other big news?

  3. i’m all on tenterhooks here! glad you’re moving towards stronger ankles.

  4. Cliffhangers make me pee

  5. I like new undawears and sometimes cliffhangers. I want to see this circle walking in the flesh!

  6. Either you’re getting married or you’re really Yoko’s evil, weak-ankled twin and Yoko’s been drugged and locked in the basement all this time.

  7. Ohh… cliffhangers are fun.

  8. oh i can’t stand the suspense!


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