Posted by: yoko | October 28, 2005

Reminders to Myself

1. Keep One Point to Develop Calmness
2. Relax Progressively
3. Find Correct Posture in Everything
4. Develop your Positive Mind
(from 4 Principles of Kokikai)

1. Recognize that it’s not just women who are crazy (or not just men, if that’s your bias), it’s part of the human condition.
2. Since damn near everyone is crazy, and you’re probably just as crazy as the rest of them, choose to forgive everyone. Work as hard as possible to make this forgiveness sincere. Remind yourself of your choice to forgive, every time you realize you’ve forgotten it. (I forget more times than Nicky does)
3. Look at everything that you find objectionable in others, and diligently weed it out of your own behavior.
(from “On Finding Sane Lovers,” by Nick)

Moving Lipby’s stuff this weekend. And playing Scrabble, and meeting up with my family. Good stuff.

Have a good weekend, everyone.



  1. I’ve been focusing more and more on my posture. And trying to forgive folks. I wish you a lovely move in, see you on Sunday!


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