Posted by: yoko | December 28, 2005

Words From Childhood 2005 Index

Words I’ve posted this year.

3.1 nakimushi: crybaby
3.2 sushi: one of my favorite foods
3.3 Ishibashi: stone bridge; memories of my grandmother
3.4 goshigoshi: the sound of hard scrubbing
3.5 oshaberi: chatterbox
3.6 shakkuri: hiccup
3.7 ganbare!: hang in there!
3.8 suikawari: the watermelon pinata game
3.9 mitsumame: fruit and azuki bean dessert
3.10 nochi nochi!: naughty naughty!
3.11 netsu: fever
3.12 mottainai: wasteful

Plenty more childhood words for the coming year.

To come: looking back, looking within, and looking forward.



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