Posted by: yoko | January 4, 2006

Words From Childhood 4.1

Today’s word: darashi nai

The dictionary defines darashi nai as “slovenly; loose; sluttish; slatternly.”

I was a tomboy as a kid, and mostly hated getting dressed up. On the few occasions when I deigned to wear a dress, I would still go about doing the things I usually did– run around, climb trees, sit with my legs apart. My mom would think it unseemly and tell me that I was darashi nai.

I don’t mind getting dressed up now, although I rarely do it. I was most mindful of looking proper this New Year’s Eve, but I was glad to come home after the festivities and change into more comfortable clothes.



  1. I can relate to that. As a kid, I’d refuse even to play grown-ups wearing my mom’s clothes as most little girls do. Now I like to play dressing up, once in a while. But my worn out, soft jeans and a cozy sweater fit me best most of the time. And, no, I’m never going to wear a “career pantsuit”.


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