Posted by: yoko | February 22, 2006


T minus 6 days until closing.

I’ve done no packing whatsoever. As some of you know, this is highly unusual for me. Remember what I had said about process vs. product? Moving seems to be the exception– I’d really just rather have it over and done with. Which means that I tend to start packing early to get it out of the way. I have a whole system down– pack the things I don’t need to use first, pack the daily-use items last. Make up a box for items to give away to the thrift stores. Pack an overnight bag for clothes and toiletries for the first week. Don’t touch my musical instruments.

When I told Lipby how uptight I get about moving, he looked at me as if I had three heads– and justifiably so. (Not because I have three heads, though.) So, I decided to take a more relaxed approach to packing up. Maybe I’ll start today. It’ll all get done whether I worry about it or not, because I’ll take care of it. It’ll all come together, just as everything has so far in this whole process.

I’ve been taking a much less nervous approach to preparing for my aikido test, too. I’ve been practicing regularly, taking some additional time with my mentor to go over techniques, and am scheduled for intensive preparation time this weekend. The test is going to happen, whether I worry about it or not. Might as well enjoy the process.

The more nervy part of me is wringing my hands, saying “could you please stop being so lackadaisical and do something?!” The other part says “I’m doing it. No worries.”

Gotta take care of my body, though– I’m going to see my chiropractor, make sure I eat well, get enough rest, stay centered.

“Three removes [are] as bad as a fire.” ~Poor Richard’s Almanack



  1. Yup, it’s amazing how nice and relaxing ‘trusting the process’ can be. I tend to run on the overpreparred side, and about a year ago began making some daily careless mistakes. You know, like normal people do all the time. The results have been fun – occasionally being late for something is all part of the human experience and I’ve found it freeing.

    In any event, congrats on relaxing a bit about your move! I’m moving in a week too, and haven’t started packing either. I’ll think of you in the next couple days, as I begin packing the least used objects. . .

  2. That was quick. After you sign the papers the world will look different. I imagine it is something like having a baby.


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