Posted by: yoko | April 4, 2006

Words From Childhood 4.4

Today’s word: uncomfortable

“Uncomfortable” is the word my mom uses to describe when an object is not put squarely onto a surface. For instance, a pot that has four legs with one dangling off the edge of the table is said to be “uncomfortable.”

I’m not sure whether it’s that it made my mom uncomfortable to see something unbalanced, or whether she thought that the object itself felt uneasy. I tended to think the latter, imagining that the object was asking for my help in rebalancing it. I had such a vivid imagination as a kid.

Even today, I find myself compelled to move glasses and containers that threaten to tip over the edge of a table or a shelf. It makes me uncomfortable to see them anywhere but squarely and neatly on a flat surface, away from the edge.



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