Posted by: balladofyoko | June 19, 2006

Some Fun

This weekend, Lipby and I went to the Lebanese Festival in our neighborhood. The highlight of the event was watching an ensemble of percussion, vocals, fiddle, mandolin, and winds perform Lebanese music, and also seeing some girls from the neighborhood do a traditional dance.

The food from the festival did not satisfy, unfortunately (grape leaves, followed by a sip of burning ouzo!), so we went to our local, met up with Sr. Rizz, Ms. Sage, Gridley and KK, and munched on some fried calamari to our heart’s content. We then hiked over to the neighborhood carnival, only to be told that it was closing up in a few minutes. We got let in for free, but we weren’t allowed to go on any of the rides. Instead, there was funnel cake to be had, and Rizz and Lipby nearly got had by a very slick carny who almost singlehandedly took all their money at a balloon game. The girls all got stuffed animals out of the deal, however.

As I was getting ready to leave my parents’ house after celebrating Father’s Day, my mom asked me, as she always does, Kagi aru? (“Do you have your keys?” I used to have a habit of forgetting them.) But this time, she actually said Key aru? For a split second, I imagined she had said, Ki aru? (“Do you have ki?”) My mom is so kind to remind me.



  1. One day I hope I have a partner who reminds me to take my Ki with me when I leave for the day.

  2. I love that you ladies got yourselves some carny plushies. That is classic!
    Now i’ll have dolmas on my mind all day!


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