Posted by: balladofyoko | August 15, 2006


“If we didn’t have thumbs, we’d all be great aikidoists.”

~Bruno-sensei, during a demonstration of hantai yokomen-uchi kokyunage


  1. Hee! I’ll have to remember to quote him on that sometime soon. A big part of teaching aikido is just finding as many ways as possible to communicate the same basic lessons, over and over, until they stick. And the “grab less” lesson is one of those that I’ve had much occasion to emphasize lately.

    And how odd and delightful to hear him called “Bruno-sensei”! He was a brown belt the last time I saw him. I must be old.

  2. I enjoy Bruno’s classes! He comes up with great quotable sayings, too– I’ll put some more of them here as they come up.

  3. I got curious and checked out a bunch of Kokikai dojo websites to see who’s still teaching who I know. And jeepers, I really AM old. Bruno is 4th dan, and so are a bunch of other people who weren’t black belts yet when I left Kokikai. There are at least two 3rd dan instructors who started practicing aikido when I was already teaching and were direct students of mine for a while, and a bunch of other 3rd dan instructors I never heard of, most of whom probably didn’t even start training until after I left. And the people who were my peers back in the old days and are still practicing are all 5th dan now.


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